The Club

The Club Goals of the WARRIORS M/C are: 

1. Serve The Creator God Jesus of Nazareth. “To Love the Lord Our God with All our Heart, with All our Mind and with All our Strength.”

(This is the First and Greatest Commandment.)

2. Preserve First Nations Native American Culture and Rights while riding our Motorcycles and protecting our families.

3. Share Native American Culture and Traditions, Sharing Grand Mothers Teachings.

4. To Honor and Stand Secure Together as a Military Veteran Warrior Society against both Domestic and Foreign terrorist. (To Preserve the Rights of the Constitution of the United States and the Laws of Creator God.)

5. Ride motorcycles as a family with like-minded Warriors and Veterans of all Nations and Race.

6. Teach our Children the ways of our people “The Real True Human      Beings” and the joy of serving the Creator God.

The Warriors Motorcycle Club was established to provide the opportunity for increased camaraderie between First Nations Native Americans who have served or continue to serve as law enforcement officers, military personnel, and emergency services personnel and select citizenry (Non-Natives),.

Those who enjoy riding motorcycles and attending motorcycle related events. The key philosophy is you don’t have to be Native American to ride, but you must have Native Pride. 

The WARRIORS M/C rides and events are intended to promote safe activities that will appeal to the membership as a whole.

“Any member may suggest ideas for rides or events.”

The WARRIORS M/C is one club, one family with chapters in various locations. “All chapters shall uphold the standards and conduct themselves in a manner that will not reflect negatively on the Club.” 


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